What we do

the lowdown

At Invisible Audio, we compose and produce music for:


— Film

— Television

— Documentary

— Advertisement

— Art Installations

— Performing Arts


Well placed music and sound is critical to the effectiveness of any production.


Music is powerful.  We respect what it can do, and pay close attention to its boundless range of effects, subtle or otherwise.  We understand and celebrate how it tacitly influences our experience of imagery.  We specialise in music with heart, that can profoundly enliven imagery.  We bring our vast collective skill, experience, sensitivity, and passion to the table – let us know how you might like to use it.

our approach

How we do it:

We are a trio of multi-instrumentalist composers.


Matt started Invisible Audio in 2011 as his bread & butter. Pascal and Patrick are drawn in as primary collaborators when they’re not too busy with their own remarkable creative projects.


We have collaborated regularly over the past decade and now turn our collective skills toward other challenges in media and arts.


We design music. We write it. We live it.  We breathe it.


If you talk to us about music, we will understand what you are saying.


Worked with:

Level Two Music, Mushroom Music Publishing, Nike, Queens Park Productions, Care Australia, The Last Word, Kraftywork, Exit Films, Jasmine Di Milo, VCAFTV, Da Plastique, Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance – and many independent directors and producers.



pas SMpas SM

Pascal’s News

2013 >>> August sees the long awaited release of “Sorry, Morning” – my second LP. Coming shortly via Blackmaps UK/Japan. Currently in production ...

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Patrick’s News

        A news update from Dr Patrick Liddell - if you're not familiar with his work you can check his composer ...

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Matt Current Film Works

                    Conscious Light The highly regarded, controversial Spiritual Teacher Adi Da Samraj (1939-2008) left an immense written, spoken, artistic and spiritual legacy. ...

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